What Is The Adjective Of Observe?

What is the verb form of observer?

Answer: The verb form of observer is observe..

Is observation a noun or verb?

verb (used with object), ob·served, ob·serv·ing. to see, watch, perceive, or notice: He observed the passersby in the street. to regard with attention, especially so as to see or learn something: I want you to observe her reaction to the judge’s question.

Is observance a noun?

noun. /əbˈzɜːvəns/ /əbˈzɜːrvəns/ ​[uncountable, singular] the practice of obeying a law, celebrating a festival or behaving according to a particular custom.

What’s another word for observant?

SYNONYMS FOR observant 2 attentive, heedful, mindful, aware.

Is observation a skill?

Our observation skills inform us about objects, events, attitudes and phenomena using one or more senses. Additionally, being able to observe and gather information about the world is important because it’s the basis of communicating well.

What is the noun form of predict?

The first records of prediction come from the mid-1500s. It comes from a Latin term that means “foretelling.” Prediction is the noun form of the verb predict, which is formed from the prefix pre-, meaning “before,” and the root dic-, meaning “to say.”

What is definition of observe?

transitive verb. 1 : to conform one’s action or practice to (something, such as a law, rite, or condition) : comply with failed to observe the law and as a consequence had to pay a fine. 2 : to inspect or take note of as an augury, omen, or presage observed the flight of the sacred geese.

What is the noun of observe?

noun. /ˌɑbzərˈveɪʃn/ , /ˌɑbsərˈveɪʃn/ 1[uncountable, countable] the act of watching someone or something carefully for a period of time, especially to learn something Most information was collected by direct observation of the animals’ behavior.

Is observation a noun or adjective?

noun. an act or instance of noticing or perceiving. an act or instance of regarding attentively or watching.

Is the word observant an adjective?

Adjective A particularly observant child, he noticed even the slightest changes in the classroom. Good reporters are keenly observant of everything around them. The family is strictly observant.

What’s an example of an observation?

Scientific Observation Examples A scientist looking at a chemical reaction in an experiment. A doctor watching a patient after administering an injection. An astronomer looking at the night sky and recording data regarding the movement and brightness of the objects he sees.

What is the adverb of observe?

observingly. attentively, observantly.

Is being observant a good thing?

There are benefits to being an observant person. There are some things in life that only observant people understand or take note of. You are more aware of your surroundings and so this often means that you are one step ahead of everyone else. It’s a special kind of intelligence.

What is the noun form of absorb?

absorbability, nounabsorbable, adjective.

How do you observe?

Follow these eight steps and you won’t miss a thing:Know your subject. … Slow down and look outwards. … Try something new. … Improve your concentration by cutting out distractions. … Challenge yourself to a mental workout. … Test your observation by playing a memory game. … Record and consider your observations. … Stay inquisitive!