Quick Answer: What Is A Secretary Job Description?

How can I be a successful secretary?

Quality, skills & knowledgebe methodical, with a good eye for detail;be well organised, with an orderly mind;bring objectivity to the proceedings;deal promptly with correspondence;be able to take accurate notes of meetings;make sure members receive all the necessary material;More items….

The skill set required of a Legal Secretary encompasses the following criteria:Customer service and interpersonal skills. Legal Secretaries are often the first point of contact when approaching a firm. … Organisation. … Administration. … Problem solving. … Word processing and IT skills. … Teamwork. … Attention to detail.Nov 1, 2018

How many hours does a secretary work?

forty hoursMost secretaries work thirty-five to forty hours per week. Some offices permit secretaries to work flexible schedules.

How long is secretarial course?

6 monthsColleges Offering Certificate in Secretarial Studies(Secretarial Studies) Course Duration: 6 months per stage.

What are your top 3 skills?

The top ten skills graduate recruiters wantCommercial awareness (or business acumen) This is about knowing how a business or industry works and what makes a company tick. … Communication. … Teamwork. … Problem solving. … Leadership. … Organisation. … Perseverance and motivation. … Ability to work under pressure.More items…

What does Secretary mean?

1 : a person who is employed to take care of records, letters, and routine work for another person. 2 : an officer of a business corporation or society who is in charge of the letters and records and who keeps minutes of meetings. 3 : a government official in charge of a department the secretary of education.

What are the duties of a secretary?

Secretary: job descriptionanswering calls, taking messages and handling correspondence.maintaining diaries and arranging appointments.typing, preparing and collating reports.filing.organising and servicing meetings (producing agendas and taking minutes)managing databases.prioritising workloads.More items…

What are secretarial skills?

Skills needed to be a Secretary You’ll need a fantastic ability to multitask and good communications skills to become a Secretary. Employers will be looking for people with good personal qualities and who get on well with people. … Good communications skills, written and verbal. Discretion.

What qualifications do you need to be a secretary?

Prospective secretaries need a combination of education and work experience before becoming certified. If they only hold a high school diploma, they need to obtain at least four years of work experience. If they have an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree, they need at least three years of experience.

Why I want to be a secretary?

Motives the interviewers want to hear You want to have this job, because you believe you can bring some value to the office as a secretary. You have good communication skills, you are friendly, and people feel good with you. Simply you believe you can do a good job as a personal assistant.

What do you say in a Secretary interview?

Secretary Interview QuestionsWhat made you apply for this secretary job?What motivates you to do a good job?What qualities do you consider the most important in a secretarial job?As a secretary, highlight your strengths and your weaknesses.What did you like best about your last secretary job and what did you enjoy least?More items…

Is being a secretary easy?

While it may keep you from getting bored, some people find the variability of the position overwhelming. A good secretary has to be prepared to switch from paperwork, to phone calls, to filing, to making appointments. … Not everyone is cut out for it; educational requirements aside, being a secretary is by no means easy.