Quick Answer: What Are The Synonyms For Unnecessary?

What is another word for counterproductive?

What is another word for counterproductive?ineffectualineffectivehopelessinutileweakunproductiveunavailingpointlessunusablefruitless228 more rows.

What is a synonym for not necessary?

What is another word for not necessary?gratuitousneedlessunnecessaryunjustifiedunwarrantedsuperfluousunprovokedgroundlessinessentialcauseless134 more rows

What is the root word of unnecessary?

unnecessary (adj.) 1540s, from un- (1) “not” + necessary (adj.).

What is unnecessary risk?

Many humans are fond of taking unnecessary risk, for example, recreational activities like sky diving, cliff jumping and rock climbing or negative antisocial activities like crime, drug use, and gambling. …

What is a good word for mature?

What is another word for mature?adultgrowngrown-upfull-grownmaturedbigdevelopedfull-blownfull-fledgedfull grown48 more rows

What is the word for waste of time?

other words for waste of time bootless errand. lost cause. merry chase. red herring.

What type of word is pointless?

Having no point or sharp tip; terminating squarely or in a rounded end. Having no prominent or important feature, as of an argument, discourse, etc. Having no purpose; purposeless; unable to effect an aim.

What is an example of unnecessary?

Not needed or necessary. The automatic child-frightener made clowns unnecessary. The definition of unnecessary is not needed. An example of something unnecessary is a bowl of sugar for cooking meatballs.

What’s a big word for pointless?

fruitless, worthless, stupid, unproductive, insignificant, irrelevant, ineffectual, futile, trivial, meaningless, inconsequential, ineffective, silly, useless, impotent, unnecessary, powerless, aimless, absurd, inane.

Which word has the opposite meaning of the word pointless?

pointless(a) Antonyms: close, sharp, telling, pregnant, significant, expressive, forcible, epigrammatic. Synonyms: vague, vapid, aimless, inexpressive, feeble.

What is the unnecessary?

adjective. If you describe something as unnecessary, you mean that it is not needed or does not have to be done, and is undesirable. The slaughter of whales is unnecessary and inhuman. He accused Diana of making an unnecessary fuss. Synonyms: needless, excessive, unwarranted, useless More Synonyms of unnecessary.

What is an antonym for mature?

Antonyms: immature, inchoative, infantile, undeveloped, prepubescent, pubescent, larval, pupal, adolescent, juvenile, prepubertal, puerile, prepupal, underdeveloped, babyish, jejune, embryologic, embryonic, childish, embryonal. Synonyms: matured, vaned, fledged, ripe. mature, maturate, grow(verb)

Is Pointless a synonym for unnecessary?

other words for pointlessfruitless.futile.ineffectual.insignificant.irrelevant.stupid.unproductive.worthless.

What’s a word for pointless?

What is another word for pointless?meaninglesssenselessuselessaimlessinaneunavailingunproductiveworthlessabsurdhopeless197 more rows

How do you use unnecessary?

I don’t want to encumber myself with unnecessary luggage.We should save unnecessary expenses.There’s no sense in taking unnecessary risks.She often pothers herself over unnecessary details.All this fuss is totally unnecessary. … The slaughter of whales is unnecessary and inhuman.More items…•Feb 12, 2017

What makes something unnecessary?

verb. 0. 1. To obviate is defined as to make something unnecessary.

What is the meaning of fatuous?

: complacently or inanely foolish : silly a fatuous remark a fatuous socialite with a near-pathological love of parties and shopping— Janet Maslin.

What is the synonyms for mature?

other words for maturematured.sophisticated.complete.developed.fit.grown.prime.ripe.

What is another word for unnecessary?

In this page you can discover 67 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unnecessary, like: needless, unessential, uncalled-for, unwarranted, irrelevant, redundant, superfluous, exorbitant, expendable, gratuitous and inessential.

What’s an antonym for unnecessary?

Antonyms of UNNECESSARY required, requirement, important, valuable, needed, all-important, mandatory, necessary, urgent, pressing, necessity, obligatory, indispensable, crucial, worthwhile.

What is the best antonym for mature?

Antonyms for (adj) matureAntonyms: immature.Definition: not yet mature.Antonyms: juvenile, juvenile person.Definition: a young person, not fully developed.Antonyms: little, small.Definition: limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent.Antonyms: small.Definition: on a small scale.More items…

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