Question: What Girl Is Santosh?

How was Santosh born?

She was born in a small village in Rewari District in Haryana.

Explanation: Santosh was born in an Indian society where the birth of a girl was considered a curse.

People of this society considered the birth of a boy as a blessing but the birth of a girl was not welcomed..

What’s Sharapova’s mantra for success?

I worked hard at whatever I do. It’s my job.” Besides hard work and professional attitude what are the qualities are necessary to reach the pinnacle of glory?

What is the secret of Santosh’s success?

Ans. The secret of Santosh’s success was her strong will power, great physical endurance and amazing mental toughness. Her single-minded determination and dedication helped her overcome all hurdles to become a winner. She had qualities of hard work and sincerity, which led to her success.

What lesson do you take from Santosh Yadav?

Santosh Yadav is a true inspiration for people: if we coudl imbibe her passion, dedication, determination, success would be ours! Regards. We learn that how to be self-confidence and story. We should always help others.

What finally kills the tree Class 9?

Ans: The tree is finally killed by the uprooting of its roots. When the roots, which had anchored it lying hidden in the earth for years, were dug out, the tree’s strength was exposed and this led to the death of the tree.

How did Santosh consider a marriage?

Answers : (i) She considered marriage the least important thing in her life. (ii) She threatened her parents not to marry forever if she did not get a good education. (iii) She left home to get an education in Delhi.

What are Sharapova’s hobbies?

Answer: Maria Sharapova is one of the youngest tennis players. She belongs to the country Russia. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, and fashion.

What motivates her to keep going?

Answer: Her motivation is money. She thought tennis that it is a business and sport . But the most important thing she wanted to become no 1 in the world.

What inspired Santosh Yadav to be a climber?

Santosh Yadav’s room in Kasturba Hostel faced the Aravalli Hills. She often used to see villagers climbing up the hill and disappearing from sight. … The mountaineers saw her determination and endurance and encouraged her to pursue climbing. This incident inspired her to take up mountaineering and become a climber.

What is Santosh Yadav famous for?

Santosh Yadav (born 10 October 1967) is an Indian mountaineer. She is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest twice and the first woman to successfully climb Mount Everest from Kangshung Face. She climbed the peak first in May 1992 and then again in May 1993 with an Indo-Nepalese Team.

Who is Maria Sharapova Class 9?

Maria Sharapova is a famous woman tennis player. She has won the women’ singles at Wimbledon is 2004 and became the world’s No. 1 woman tennis player in 2005. She is a Russian by birth.

What was she looking for in mother’s bedroom?

(i) She went to her mother’s bedroom to search for something to stuff the pin cushion. (ii) She discovered a great many sheets of fine paper on the bed-table. (iii) There was a hue and cry in the house because the great speech for the Port Authority was missing. … Finally, the mother came into Kezia’s room.

Why did Maria have to stay away from her mother how did she feel about it?

Answer : Maria had to stay away from her mother because she had to go to the United States for her professional training and her mother could not accompany her due to visa restrictions. She felt very lonely and depressed about that. She had to bear with this separation.

What world record does Santosh Yadav hold?

She is the first women in the world to climb Mount Everest and the first women to successfully climb Mt. Everest from Kangshung face. She climbed the peak first in may 1992 and then again in may 1993.

What was the last thing in Santosh mind?

“A marriage as early as that was the last thing on her mind. She threatened her parents that she would never marry if she did not get a proper education”.

How did Santosh make her parents pay for her education?

When Santosh’s parents refused to pay for her education, she politely informed them of her plans to earn money by working part time to pay her school fees. Then, her parents agreed to pay for her schooling in Delhi.

Who was Santosh Yadav Class 9?

Answer: Santosh Yadav provided special care to a climber who lay dying at the south pole in 1992 Everest Mission. She saved Mohan Singh, who would have lost his life had she not shared her oxygen with him.

Why didnt her mother go with her?

Answer. Maria was sent to United States so that she could start training of tennis at a very young age. Her mother did not go with her because of the visa restrictions.

What pressure did her parents put on her?

She refused to give up her studies and get married at the age of sixteen. Though her parents put great pressure on her, she left her home and came to Delhi for high school, informing her parents she would earn her own money by working part-time if they refused to pay her fees.

What was most important thing for Maria?

Just as reaping the harvest is the reward for the hard work of the farmer, similarly earning money is the reward for Maria Sharapova’s earnest efforts and sacrifice. Tennis is a business and a sport, but the most important thing is to become number one in the world.

How did Santosh feel after reaching the top of the world?

Santosh asserted that her feeling at the summit of the Everest was “indescribable”. Unfurling the Indian flag on the top of the world was a spiritual moment for her and she felt proud as an Indian. 5. … When she scaled the Everest the second time, she became the only woman to have scaled it twice.