Question: Is It Hard To Get Hired At Edward Jones?

How much money does an Edward Jones financial advisor make?

Edward Jones Financial Advisor SalariesJob TitleSalaryEdward Jones Edward Jones Financial Advisor salaries – 46 salaries reported$47,217/yrEdward Jones Edward Jones Financial Advisor salaries – 5 salaries reported$16/hrAmazon Edward Jones Financial Advisor salaries – 1 salaries reported$99,000/yr2 more rows.

Does Edward Jones have hidden fees?

Edward Jones Fees comparison. I didn’t know much about investing, but at this point I knew I had to learn. … Hidden investment fees are not uncommon, as I learned with my Fidelity 401(k), but Edward Jones ups the ante.

How long is the Edward Jones hiring process?

9 weeks9 weeks is the total process.

Is Edward Jones a pyramid scheme?

They keep, or at least try to keep your assets. This gives Jones the aspect of a pyramid or ponzi scheme, as the GPs and older FAs hired years ago do well and the new FAs pay the price. Also this is evident in the excessive payout to upper management.

Who is the best investment firm?

The Best Investment Firms:Best for Personal Finance: Vanguard Personal Advisor Services.Best for ETFs: Charles Schwab.Best for Art Investments: Masterworks.Best for Goal Tracking: Merrill Edge.Best for IRAs: Fidelity Investments.Best for Low-Cost Advising: Facet Wealth.Mar 17, 2021

How much are Edward Jones fees?

Edward Jones FeaturesAccount TypesRoth Traditional SEP SIMPLE 529 TaxablePortfolio Strategy FeesFirst $250,000: 0.09% Next $250,000: 0.09% Next $500,000: 0.08% Next $1,500,000: 0.07% Next $2,500,000: 0.06% Next $5,000,000: 0.05% Next $10,000,000: 0.0%Trade Transaction Fee$4.9510 more rows•Nov 15, 2020

How much money do I need to invest with Edward Jones?

$5,000Mutual funds and ETFs hold many investments inside of them, providing diversification within your portfolio. The initial investment minimum to open an account is $5,000.

How much does Edward Jones pay during training?

Top performers working as financial adviser trainees for Edward Jones tend to earn a base salary of $49,500, bonuses of $13,000 and commissions of $20,000 in their first year. Second-year top performers average a base salary of $34,650, $22,000 in bonuses and $45,800 in commissions.

Does Edward Jones pay for your office?

“When and how do they provide the office and asssistant? Cost to agent?” … There is no cost to the agent, rent and BOA salary are covered by Jones. “I take it after you bring in a certain amount of business that this offer is extended and wondering how much that is?”

Is working for Edward Jones worth it?

It’s the people you help that make the job worth it. The job itself is ok but you only advance if the office does well. So if you work hard and the office is not doing well you will not get the raise. It took me 6 years to see a raise by year 7 I realized I was working harder than I was getting paid or even trained!

Is Edward Jones a good company to invest with?

Edward Jones is a big user of load mutual funds, such as American Funds, which has a large selection of mostly high-quality mutual funds. … However, Edward Jones does not consistently or completely invest client assets in no-load funds, which may be more advantageous for investors than load funds that have sales charges.

Can Edward Jones be trusted?

Edward Jones is a full-service investment firm that provides advisory and money management services. While we like the professional and personal investment advice, be aware that it doesn’t come cheap. You might be better off using a robo advisor.

Who is better Vanguard or Edward Jones?

Edward Jones and Vanguard offer similar investment services, such as stocks, bonds, CDs, retirement accounts, and mutual funds. … Vanguard also has no incoming or outgoing transfer fees, while Edward Jones has a $95 transfer-out fee. But, overall, Edward Jones has more financial services available.

Is it hard to become an Edward Jones financial advisor?

Becoming a Financial Advisor is not entirely difficult, but succeeding with a career as one is the challenging part. I can assure you it is not just Edward Jones new advisors that have a high failure rate. It is the same way at other large brokerage firms. … It is the same way at other large brokerage firms.

Do you need a degree to work for Edward Jones?

Due to the competitive nature of the financial services industry, employment hunters looking to submit applications for Edward Jones jobs must possess four-year degrees or internships with similar institutions in order to qualify.

How much money can you make at Edward Jones?

The average Edward Jones salary ranges from approximately $28,751 per year for Office Administrator to $109,610 per year for Senior Data Analyst. Average Edward Jones hourly pay ranges from approximately $14.00 per hour for Call Center Representative to $25.79 per hour for Financial Advisor.

How long is Edward Jones training?

10 weeksOver the course of 10 weeks, you’ll learn a lot about the financial services industry, the firm and about yourself. We do things differently here at Edward Jones, and that includes how we train and support interns.

Who is the best financial advisor company?

Finding a Top Financial Advisor FirmRankFinancial AdvisorAssets Managed1CAPTRUST Find an Advisor Read Review$389,150,706,0272Fisher Investments Find an Advisor Read Review$120,948,538,6163Fort Washington Investment Advisors Inc Find an Advisor Read Review$62,466,368,2358 more rows•Jan 20, 2021