Question: How Do I Update My Spacetalk Watch?

What is the best smartwatch for a 10 year old?

Kids Smartwatch Comparison ChartProductBestRecommended ageVTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DXSmartwatch Camera4 – 9 yearsProGrace Kids’ SmartwatchAll-Round4 – 12 yearsVTech Star Wars BB-8 SmartwatchThemed5 – 9 yearsVTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2Games4 – 12 years2 more rows•May 21, 2021.

What’s a nano SIM card look like?

What is a Nano SIM card? Nano SIM cards are the smallest of the bunch, coming in at 8.8 x 12.3mm, they’re also the newest, having made their debut in 2012. This has almost no border around the chip so it’s hard to imagine SIM cards getting much smaller in future, unless the chip itself is shrunk.

Can you play games on Spacetalk watch?

For a start, Spacetalk is internet-free. You can’t surf the web, watch YouTube videos, chat with anyone who isn’t in the parentally-controlled contact list, play games, or install any form of social media.

Why is my Spacetalk saying no connection?

Restart SPACETALK by holding the power button for 5 seconds and after SPACETALK has shut down, power SPACETALK up again. 3. Confirm the SIM card has been fully activated correctly. If in doubt, remove the SIM card from SPACETALK and test it in another phone.

How much data does a Spacetalk watch use?

SPACETALK requires a Nano SIM card with voice calls, SMS and approximately 200MB data per month. For optimal coverage, we recommending connecting SPACETALK to a 3G network that uses 2100/850 MHz frequencies.

How much does a Spacetalk watch cost?

The SPACETALK® app requires a monthly in-app subscription at $5.99pm for up to 2 watches and $8.99pm for up to 5 watches. Designed to meet the various needs of children ages 5 to 12, the SPACETALK Kids Smart Watch is a kid-friendly smartwatch, phone, and a GPS device all in one with no open access to the Internet.

What Sim do I need for Spacetalk watch?

Nano SIM cardQ: Does Spacetalk Kids require a SIM card? Yes, Spacetalk Kids has a 3G mobile phone built into the watch. You will require a Nano SIM card, which is the smallest of the SIM card types available at the moment.

Can you text on a Spacetalk watch?

A number of community members in recent times have expressed the desire for their children to be able to type their own messages on SPACETALK. … Your child can now type their own text by tapping the key that corresponds to the desired letter, until it appears.

How long does Spacetalk battery last?

24 hour battery life: The Spacetalk Smartwatch comes with an adorable magnetic charger which attaches to the back of the watch. Your child can charge it every night ready for the next big day ahead. If you wind back the Auto GPS updates to hour intervals your battery life goes up to 40 hours!

What can you do on a Spacetalk watch?

With the revamped Spacetalk app, you can manage contacts, chat with family members and approved contacts, see location on demand, enable school mode, set up safe zones, and customise watch faces.

What network does Spacetalk use?

Telstra networkThat is why we chose the Telstra network, which covers 99.3% of the Australian population. Spacetalk™ is the only children’s smart-watch currently available in Australia that is guaranteed to work with Telstra’s Australia-wide 3G network coverage.

What is the best sim for Spacetalk watch?

Choosing the Best SIM ProviderSPACETALK IF-W515CTelstra, Belong, ALDIMobile, Woolworths Mobile, Lyca, Tangerine, Pennytel, Better Life Mobile, Boost Mobile, Spark NZSPACETALK IF-W525CVodafone, Optus, Kogan, amaysim, gotalk, Hello Mobile, Lebara, Reward Mobile, TransACT, TPG1 more row•Jun 1, 2020

How do you unlock a moochie watch?

To resolve this issue, please hold down the SOS button (on the right of our Moochies watch case) for 15 seconds. Your Moochies watch will then reboot and the message will disappear.

How do I reset space talk?

At the clock screen on Spacetalk Life, tap to access the menu. Tap on the Step Counter icon and then tap on the settings cog at the bottom of the screen. Tap Reset and then confirm the reset.

Does Spacetalk have video call?

Additionally, the Spacetalk Adventurer features a heart-rate monitor, water resistance and an improved battery size to cope with these new features. Perhaps most notably, there’s now a 5MP camera above the watch-face allowing for video calling, something available on competitor TCL Movetime watches.

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