Are Class 10 Board Exams Easy?

Is Ncert enough for Class 10 boards?

Is NCERT Sufficient for Class 10 Board.

Is it feasible to rely upon NCERT books only.

In short, the answer is ‘yes’.

But you have to study a few supplementary books apart from NCERT books to score good marks in the examination..

Is 80 a good score in CBSE Class 10?

The 80 marks “should be in consonance with the past performance of the school in Class X board examinations,” the CBSE stated. … Of these, five teachers should be from the school and from subjects like mathematics, social science and two languages; and two members should be from outside the school.

How many hours a day should I study for boards?

Study at least 8 hours a day, if you really want to score 90+ percentage in board exams. Because this is the only way which is required to achieve such a percentage. Divide equal time of study with your main subjects. But do not forget to study subjects like Hindi, English, etc.

Can I get good marks in 10th board exam?

Revise- as much as possible and practice to get a better grasp. Follow NCERT syllabus, finish your NCERT Math Book, and check NCERT solutions for clarity. Make a notebook for CBSE class 10 Math formulas, theorems, and short tricks. Practice graphs as it’s a scoring topic and you must not make any mistake here.

How many hours should a 10th class student study?

A student should study for 7 – 10 hours a day. If you devote more time, it is possible that you might get exhausted. Therefore, 7 – 10 hours is the maximum time you must devote to your studies. Another question that arises is; how many hours should a 10th class student sleep?

Is RD Sharma Good for Class 10?

This book had got many problems to solve.It is a very good book.It is the best book for preparing for maths board exams. I would suggest all the class 10 students to use R.D Sharma. … Cbse prescribed rd sharma if you use this book. You can not need any exemplar book, ncert book, all questions of ncert and cbse include.

Is 2021 board exam easy or hard?

Speculations have been going around whether CBSE Board Exams 2021 are going to be easier with the Reduced Syllabus or will they be more difficult. The CBSE Board Exams are one of the most important and also quite difficult exams for students.

Who is the topper of 10th CBSE 2020?

C CBSE has decided not to declare the merit list and toppers for the CBSE 10th 1Board Exams 2020….CBSE Class 10 Toppers 2020.Name of the CBSE Class 10 TopperSiddhant ChandraMarks496/500Percentage99.2%SchoolAravali International School6 more columns•Jul 15, 2020

How can I top in class 10?

How to Prepare for 10th Board Exams?Follow your Class Lessons. Class lessons are the best way to understand your syllabus systematically. … Study Corner at Home. … Solve Sample Papers. … Make Brief Notes. … Don’t Leave for the End. … Revision. … Stay Fit. … Go through the Syllabus.More items…

What if I get 60% in 10th?

If you get 60% marks in class 10th, don’t bother about that and try to labour hard. Some of the Universities,and colleges are giving admission in 12th with Bio-Sciences based on All India Entrance Test e.g.

Who is the topper of 2020?

Around 12 lakh candidates appeared for the exam, with Lucknow girl Divyanshi Jain emerging as the topper of CBSE Class 12 exam 2020. According to Times Now, Divyanshi Jain scored 600 marks out of a total of 600 to get 100 per cent in CBSE Class 12 result 2020.

Can you score 90 a month?

Can I score 90+ marks in class 12th board exam with one month of preparation? Ans. It is almost impossible to score 90+ marks in class 12th with only one-month of preparation. If you aim to score 90+ marks in class 12th board, start your preparation a few months before the exams.

How can I get 100 marks in maths in 10th?

Here’s how I studied.Self-study NCERT completely. … Solve all the exercises. … Solve all the examples. … If not understood well, repeat this. … Come up with questions and take guidance from your teachers. … Solve sample question papers. … Last 20 days of practice – most crucial.Dec 24, 2018

Is Class 10 board easy?

It is not easy, but can be done, if you really want to do it. Have patience and work hard. In this article, we will tell you how to prepare for class 10 board exams, score good marks and become a topper.

Is 10th board exam Hard 2020?

The board has introduced a massive change in the pattern which would be implemented from CBSE 10th 12th Board Exam 2020, making it tougher. … As per the officials, CBSE papers may pick up any line from NCERT text and turn it into a fill in the blank or MCQ question.

Has anyone got 100 in 10th boards?

Harini, Ritish Agarwal, Devansh, Aryan Bhatt, Siddhant Chandra, Jasraj Singh – just a few names from the list of students who have scored 99% and above in CBSE 10th Result 2020. … Shirija is a student of Little Flower School, New Delhi. She has scored a perfect 100 in Hindi, English, Maths and Science.

Will board exam be easy 2020?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to make the Board examination 2020 easier for the students. … CBSE is likely to reduce the number of descriptive questions for both class 10th and 12th. Students can take note of the below-mentioned points to understand the changes better.

Is 10th easier than 9th?

Yes, class 10th is much easier than class 9th. Even you can top the exam just by revising the syllabus thoroughly.

Who is the CBSE topper of 2020?

CBSE Toppers 2020: Bulandshahr’s Tushar Singh & Lucknow’s Divyanshi Jain, both have scored 100% marks in their CBSE 12th Result 2020 and are declared CBSE Toppers of 2020.

How can I pass 10th class without studying?

12 Study Hacks To Pass Exams Without StudyingFind a work place you prefer: Find a suitable work place that is comfortable and be ready to spend your last minute jitters there. … Assemble your requirements and ditch your distractions: Be prepared with your paper, notes, text books, water bottle.More items…•Jul 18, 2016

Which is the toughest chapter in class 10 physics?

The most difficult chapter is Heredity and Evolution, but it also has the most weightage.

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